Care + Repair

We handcraft all pieces in our home studio in Luanda while putting a lot of love and purpose.
Polymer clay has a delicate nature and is a flexible material when cured. It can show little imperfections and inconsistencies
after fire like lightly color variations, slight bumps and very small
bubbles-which we manage to avoid to our best.
The eventual inconsistencies that can occur in no way affect the
functionality or overall aesthetic appeal of the pieces.
Every attempt has been made to represent the product and colors as accurately as possible.
Store your earrings away from other metal jewelry to avoid scratching.
Polymer clay will not break if dropped but can break if you bend the
parts. Handle your jewelry carefully. Don’t press the clay when putting/
removing the earrings. Gently turn the silicon back away from/into
the backs.

Make up or other dirt can be removed by wiping clean with a damp cloth or a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol.



Most items of MAYA MINIMAL are made to order. Please allow 3-4 days for your pieces to be produced and shipped. Early delivery can be expected given the availability of the piece.

Delivery within Luanda only.



We do not accept refunds and exchanges at the moment.


Privacy policy

Maya minimal respects your privacy and will not sell or share your name or personal information.